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Welcome to, your premiere source for international calling cards and prepaid phone cards from Canada. With our affordable prepaid calling cards, you can save up to 80% on long distance calls and get convenient 24/7 online account management, plus a fast, easy, secure online shopping experience. Also, with our Canada calling cards and Canada phone cards, you can call Canada worldwide at low rates. Buy one of our best calling cards today and save! Find a variety of products, including conference calling products, callingcard affiliate programs, pinless calling cards and more.

Best Prepaid Calling Cards

& Phone Cards for Canada

  • Pinless Dialing
  • Speed Dialing
  • Rechargeable
  • Worldwide Local Access

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Calling Cards and Phone Cards from Canada to:

USA1.1 ¢/min
Austria0.6 ¢/min
Brazil1.1 ¢/min
Canada0.4 ¢/min
China0.9 ¢/min
Egypt7.7 ¢/min
France0.6 ¢/min
Germany0.7 ¢/min
India1 ¢/min
Israel0.5 ¢/min
Italy0.7 ¢/min
Jamaica6.3 ¢/min
Kenya11.3 ¢/min
Libya19.2 ¢/min
Mexico0.4 ¢/min
Nigeria5.2 ¢/min
Pakistan9.9 ¢/min
Philippines9.3 ¢/min
Poland0.8 ¢/min
Russia2.8 ¢/min
S. Africa1.6 ¢/min
Spain0.8 ¢/min
UK0.5 ¢/min
Vietnam4.4 ¢/min

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