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Why choose the Affiliates Program?

When you join our free program, you partner with one of the world's largest and most trusted e-commerce sites in the calling cards industry. In addition, we have the cheapest, most reliable calling cards on the web. Our great sales conversion ratio combined with high payout commission allows you to make as much money as you want!

How does the CallingCards Affiliate Program work?
You simply place text links, banners or search boxes on your Web site made by our linking tools. We track the sales from customers who have linked to from your site. Every three months, once you have earned $50, we send you a check for a percentage of the sales revenue your site has generated. It's that simple.

How do I get started?

  • Read the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Sign Up: Fill out a quick online registration form. You'll receive an immediate e-mail welcoming you to the program and giving you instructions on how to get started building your web site. After we review and approve your site, you'll receive another e-mail with detailed instructions on how to log into the members area.
  • Use Linking Tools to build your web store. We provide you with a fast and easy way to link to our web site through the Linking Tools. You will have the option to use graphic banners, text links, search boxes, or a combination of them.
  • Start Earning Your Commissions. You'll automatically be eligible to earn a commission fee for sales generated by your links once your site has been approved. You'll always have access to your earnings and traffic reports through the Admin Features. The reports will show you detailed analysis of what your visitors are buying, how much they are buying, and what your earnings are on those purchases. We provide you with sophisticated and detailed stats that will enable you to optimize your web store.

Does my Web site qualify to become a Affiliate? wants to work with all sites, from large commercial sites to individual web pages, and everything in between. Anyone may submit an application, and we review each and every potential Affiliate Web site before accepting it into the program. We do reserve the right to refuse a web site if it contains objectionable material, including promoting sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age, illegal activities, or violate intellectual property rights.

Does it cost anything to join?
It costs you nothing to join! It's Free and very simple to join our Affiliate Program.

Can I participate if I live outside the USA?
Yes, you may participate in the Affiliate Program if you live outside the United States. We have Affiliates from all over the world and are working hard to add even more. operates worldwide and welcomes potential affiliates from all over the world.

How do I create links to

After you login to the members' area, click on the Linking Tools. You will see an array of linking options, including text links, graphic banners or search boxes. Select the one(s) you wish to use. You will see a list of linking options you can use. Find the right link you want to use. Below each graphic banner, search box or text link includes the linking code you need to use on your web site. The linking code already includes your affiliate ID, so all you need to do is to highlight, copy it and paste the linking code to your web site.

Can I use name and logo on my site?
Yes. Users want to know they are buying from a company they can trust. But please do not alter our logo in any way.

Can I include specific information about your cards on my site, such as cover images and prices?
We encourage you to include information such as card name, country the card is best used to, card info, instructions, and card image. However, please do not list the price or minutes, as they change frequently in our database without notice, and customers may be confused if they see one price on your site and another price on ours. To be safe, it's best to avoid putting prices or minutes on your site. If you want to include prices and minutes, frequently check what the rates are on our web site and update your web site accordingly. It is your responsibility to provide the customer with the most updated figures.

Can I use your search engine?
Yes! In fact, our experience has shown that using our search engine is the easiest and most effective way to sell calling cards from Affiliate sites. You don't need to worry about changing prices or minutes, because the customer will see the latest figures. You can build our search forms right into your site, giving your visitors direct access to our extensive database so they can search for any calling card.

How much will I be paid?

We pay Affiliates 10% for the amount of the sale they generate. For example, if a customer clicks on a $20 card from your web site and decides to purchase it, we will give you 10%, or $2, for the sale.

When will I be paid?
You will be paid every month. We issue out the checks on the 7th of the month. If your referral fee for any quarter is less than $50, the total amount will be carried to the next month. Once it passes $50, a check for the revenue you've generated will be sent to you on the 7th of each month for the complete amount owed to you.

Can I take the order on my Web site and just send the customer and order information to CallingCards?
No. A lot of the content users see, including card prices and minutes, come straight from our database. At the current time, we are not allowing any direct integration with our backend.

How are orders tracked and credited to my site?

All links from your site to contain your site's unique Affiliate ID so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we know to credit you when a purchase is made. Make sure that all links on your site are created using the Linking Tools, so that they are tracked correctly.

I have more than one Web site. Can I get multiple tracking ID's?
You do not need to submit URLs (or pages) within the same site or domain. If you do not want separate reports for separate sites, you can use the same code on all sites. You can create sub accounts to track different web sites, banners anywhere on whatever web site you have. This enables you to see the performance of a particular banner or site.

How can I track the performance of the same banner in different locations?
You can track individual banner's statistics (sales, clicks, etc.) by using sub ID numbers. You simply assign a unique sub ID number to any banner, text link or search box. For example, all you have to do is add "&subid=X", where X is a unique number you assign. You can use a sub ID to track a particular banner, web page, group of banners, a whole web site if you have multiple web sites. It's up to you how you want to use the sub ID's. You have the control to manage the performance of your links and know the result each link.

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