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How It Works

The Affliate Program is EASY and FREE to join.

After you have completed the form, you will receive your c2 ID via our Welcome email. This ID is a unique number that identifies your website to our tracking system whenever someone clicks on our banner or link. Your ID is also permanently associated with that customer's account making them your customer for life. If they ever come directly to CallingCards.Com; you still get credit for that customer, EVERYTIME.

After receiving your c2 ID, log-in to your account and select a banner or link from our Linking Tools Library. You can choose from multiple banners and text link, whichever you find most appropriate for your website. Within the welcome email you will receive easy to use and detailed instructions on how to implement these linking tools on your website.

That’s it, you are now a c2 Affiliate Partner and we will take care of the rest! You don’t need to worry about a merchant account, credit card processing, or investing in inventory. Just sit back and enjoy the additional income!

The CallingCards.Com Affiliate Program is like no other affiliate program on the internet. We want to help you optimize your traffic to generate the most revenue, for you and us. To achieve this goal, we’ve gone the extra mile to developing a rewarding partnership with all c2 Affiliate Partners. As a c2 Partner, you have access to all the tools and services you need to be successful:

  • Extensive library of carefully designed banners and links that promote the highest click-through ratios.
  • Robust statistical monitoring system providing detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Your own personal Affiliate Manager dedicated to maximizing your traffic and revenue
  • Automatic enrollment into Customer for Life, one of the greatest income generating programs on the web.
Every affiliate, whether small or large, can become a c2 Partner. Don’t be afraid to join because you think you are too small. We want to help grow your traffic and generate more income for you.

CallingCards.Com is happy to provide custom website development services to those companies seeking their own unique look and feel. Our Brand Development Group gives businesses the ability to have their own calling card site with their brand and logo elements. Now you can sell your own calling cards from your own calling card website while still using our backend system to handle the rest. Click below to contact us about this exciting opportunity. Please include in your email how many page views a month your website generates.






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