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Introducing Mobile Caller NEW!, a revolutionary new prepaid product similar to a calling card, but with many more features. Customers will also enjoy all these new features, while getting the same low rates, if not lower, than their traditional calling card.

One popular convenience of Mobile Caller is to provide customers with the ability to make calls without entering a pin number (from up to 6 phone lines). Listed below are more ways Mobile Caller will benefit your customers and you.

NEW! Pinless Dialing. Their PIN is NOT Required to Dial!
When making a phone call from one of their registered phone lines, our system recognizes their account by their phone number. Now they will not have to enter their pin number to dial.

NEW! It's Rechargeable! Quickly Recharge in Real-Time.
Customers can log in to their account administration anytime of the day to recharge their plan. Updates are done in real time!

NEW! Customers can Now Choose their Billing Preferences!
Each Mobile Caller Plan is associated with a different billing methodology. They choose how they would like to get charged. Preferences include minute rounding, taxes, and fees. They can also easily switch between plans, eliminating the need for multiple products.

 LOW Global Rates, No Setup Fees, and Speedy Activation.
Get the lowest international rates on the web. To signup, there are no setup costs. Customers get speedy activation so they can start making calls right away.

24/7 Toll Free Customer Service, and a Secure Network.
Along with five star customer service, customers will experience clear calls and excellent quality on our secure networks.

Receive 10% on All Orders, including Recharges!
Same as the incredible payout given to our world class calling cards, we pay the same commission for this full featured product. Unlike other companies who reduce the payout for repeat sales, we pay you the full commission on all recharges.

Take Advantage of our "Customer for Life" with Mobile Caller.
We proudly introduce Mobile Caller into the "Customer for Life" family. Our motto has remained the same, "If we get paid, you get paid." This philosophy is what has driven the "Customer for Life" program to be on the top affiliate programs on the web.

Get Higher Conversions and Higher Volumes.
Watch sales volumes soar by offering the latest in prepaid communications. More conversions means more commissions.

High Loyalty Ratio because of its Low Rates and New Services.
Because of the convenience Mobile Caller offers, customers will log in and reuse the service. Customers can now recharge their plan in seconds. More repeats means more commissions.

Kick Start your Campaign with New Reporting and Banners.
Within the new detailed reporting, you can track your Mobile Caller sales easily. We have also added new banners, and new text links.






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