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New Additions

We have added a variety of new additions to the C2 Affiliate Program. From new products such as Mobile Caller to the 5 free minute giveway promotion, the C2 Affiliate Program is now even more powerful than ever.

Here is a list of new additions:

Introducing Mobile Caller, a revolutionary new prepaid product similar to a calling card, but with many more features. Customers will also enjoy all these new features, while getting the same low rates, if not lower, than their traditional calling card.

Mobile Caller provides the convenience to make calls without entering a PIN number when calling from up to 6 phones lines. Get clear calling from your home, office, cell, dormitory or just about any phone in the world.

What Does this mean for you?

Offering great features creates higher sales, and more conversions.
With rechargeable plans, there is greater customer loyalty.
More sales, greater repeats, translates into more money for you.

Customers who have used up all their minutes on their prepaid calling card, can now add minutes to it by "recharging" it. This also means that they can keep their PIN number for as long as they recharge the card. The expiration date also renews upon recharge. Most cards that we sell are now rechargeable. You do not need to change any of your existing links to take advantage.

Customers have the convenience to reuse their pin increasing customer loyalty and repeats.
All our calling cards are updated within seconds of their recharge request.
With the "Customer for Life" Program, you make residual income automatically.

A proven sales tool has been our 5 free minutes promotional offer. We now bring this offer to you to give away to your customers, for free. As always, with the "Customer for Life" program, if a customer signs up for the free minutes, you will receive commissions on all their future recharges and purchases. We have seen an average of a 75% returning ratio.

You now can provide links to send your visitors directly to the 5 free minute promotional offer page. Take advantage of this great offer. Give your customers the gift of calling their family/friends during holidays, or any day!

What does this mean for you?

Everyone wins. You get a great sales tool, while visitors get a truly free gift.
A great way to give a customer a trial without any risks.
Convert more visitors into "Customer for Life" customers, and watch your sales increase.

To get the new links: Login, then click "Marketing Tools", "Banners", then "5 Free Minutes".

We have received many requests regarding these next two features, and we have listened. You can now customize the link tracking URL to send a visitor to a specific country's results page. You can now also customize the URL to send a visitor straight to a specific card's information page.

Both these features were designed to allow you to market target audiences better.

Send a visitor straight to a country results page. (eg. USA to Mexico, or Canada to USA).
Send a visitor straight to a particular card's info page (eg. Clear Choice, or any card).
Track a particular link or campaign using the "sub_id".

To get instructions: Login, then click "FAQ / Help", then view under "Setting Up Links".

With all the new inclusions to the C2 Affiliate Program, many new banners have also been added to support them. We have also added new banners in many of the categories. In addition to the new banners, all current banners have been with updated with current rates.

New Product Banners (Mobile Caller and 5 Free Minute Promotional).
New Banners in many general and country categories.
Any rates on current banners have all been updated.

Visit the banner farm under "Marketing Tools" to view the updates:

We have enhanced our reporting to give you the tools you need to manage your campaign. You will see a breakdown of "Customer for Life Sales" (repeats), Mobile Caller Sales, and more.

Enjoy the new depth of analysis into your statistics.
Watch "Customer for Life" Sales increase residually as you get more customers.
As always, all statistics are reported in nearly real-time.






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