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The New Global Family Calling Card Gives Unlimited International Phone Calls presents unlimited calling to 50 countries.

In the past, unlimited international phone calls have been an expensive endeavor. If you go back to 2011, international calls on major telephone carriers could cost as much as $2.49 a minute. A simple twenty-minute phone call could cost you $50, as much as a monthly cell phone bill. That’s a pretty steep price for a son to talk to his dad stationed in a foreign country. While a dad’s time with his son is priceless, we are all slaves to our personal budgets. How do you break from the shackles of a tight budget?

The only alternative to the steep prices are mobile apps, which to be frank, lack significantly in the quality department. Many of the apps use VOIP to complete calls which are dependent on network connectivity on both ends. Unfortunately, many countries lack the infrastructure for reliable high-speed internet, which negatively impacts your call’s quality.

So sure, you could work through the echoing of a Skype call. You could even deal with the fact that your calls are less often so to have a chance to catch up with friends abroad.

There may be an actual solution that is cheap and has crisp audio quality. So what’s the solution you ask?

The Global Family calling card looks a lot like it, for only $10 a month you can make unlimited international phone calls to over 50 countries!

International calling for the fraction of the price without sacrificing quality. The Global Family card, as the name implies, was made for those who have family and friends on the opposite side of the ocean. The idea is to provide cheap long distance to keep your personal connections strong. Perfect for the military family and travelers.

Right now is offering 10% discount on the Global Family card with promotional code, newyear17, making buying the card pretty much a no brainer. This is cheap long distance calls right at your fingertips without reaching into your pockets and grabbing a fist full of cash.

Calling cards have always been a pretty good option for families that need to communicate across borders. They provide a fixed price with no overages, so once you buy one there’s no chance of paying more than you bargained for. But not all calling cards are created equal, the Global Family card is a step above the rest.

Many calling cards come with fees that can take a big bite out of the calling time you’ve bought, and don’t deliver the call time they advertise. And because you’ve paid in advance, you may be out of pocket if you discover a problem.

Now, with the Global Family calling card, there are no frets and no worries. Just spend the time you need catching up on the year. This dependable connection just wouldn’t be possible with your mobile service provider or any app currently on the market.

Get the freedom to make unlimited international phone calls  to most landlines, and mobile phones in 50 countries.

Check available landline and mobile phone availability for your country.

USA, Canada, Mexico,  Argentina,  Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, Venezuela.

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