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Las Fallas – Celebrate the Feast of San José

Las Fallas – Celebrate the Feast of San José; Call Your Family for Less Than 1 Penny


What is Las Fallas?

The Las Fallas Festival is held from the 15th to the 19th March each year in the Spanish city, Valencia. It is one of the more popular festivals held in Spain and attracts visitors from overseas as well as from all over Spain.

Saint Joseph (San José), the main focus of this festival is the patron saint of carpenters. It all began during the Middle Ages when carpenters would hang up wooden planks called ‘parots’ during the winter months to hold the candles whilst they were working. At the start of spring, these wooden planks would be burnt to celebrate the end of the dark working days of winter.

Over time the carpenters started to dress the ‘parot’ in clothes and then attempt to present them as local well-known personalities. These were the predecessors to the modern ‘ninots’, which are the large figures of today that are created from wood, Styrofoam, polyurethane, plaster, cork, and paper-maché.

The local authorities made the decision to align Saint Joseph’s Day with setting fire to the ‘parots’ in an attempt to stop it becoming uncontrollable. In today’s modern era every neighborhood has a committee to organize their event and raise the funds to construct the ‘ninots’.

Groups of designers and workers spend many months constructing all the stunning and imposing tableaux. The ‘ninots’ are placed at prime locations around the city and are very often unflattering satirical parodies of local and international politicians and well-known personalities.

Connecting with Your Family and Friends During Las Fallas

If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy Las Fallas in person with your family and friends then connecting with them via a telephone call is the next best option. A telephone call is an excellent method to express how much you care about your family and friends and show that you are thinking about them.

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Excellent Call Quality

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