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Water Festival – Cleansing Ritual to Welcome the New Year

Water Festival – Cleansing Ritual to Welcome the New Year

Water Festival – Cleansing Ritual to Welcome the New Year

What is the Water Festival?

This is the celebration of the New Year which takes place in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. The tradition during this festival is for people to gently sprinkle water on each other as a show of respect. This act of sprinkling water is also a sign of good wishes and a blessing.

Water Festival Thailand

The Water Festival which is also known as the Songkran Festival. This is a national holiday in Thailand that lasts for three days to celebrate the Thai New Year. This holiday is normally held from the 13th to 16th April each year and is a traditional Buddhist festival.

Water Festival Cambodia

In Cambodia, the Water Festival is a three-day event to celebrate the full moon in the month of either October or November. Nearly every village and town in Cambodia joins in to celebrate this festival. These celebrations run for three days and nights during the festival.

Water Festival Laos

The Water Festival in Laos is also known as Pii Mai and is celebrated each year from either 13th or 14th April to 15th or 16th April. The New Year in Laos takes place during April. The month of April is the hottest time of the year and also the beginning of the monsoon season.

Water Festival Myanmar

The Water Festival in Myanmar is more often referred to as Maha Thingyan. It is one of the most popular holidays in Myanmar to celebrate the start of the Burmese New Year. This holiday is held during the middle of April each year.

Keeping in Contact with Your Family and Friends

Celebrating the Water Festival in person with your family and friends would be ideal but for one reason or another is not always possible. If this is the case for you, then the best alternative is a phone call. With a phone call, you can express your good wishes for the New Year along with your blessing.

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