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Back to School Savings
Back to School Savings

Stay in Contact with Friends and Family Where Ever They Go!

The return to school season has begun and to the relief of their parents, college students are returning to their studies. Regardless of where the school their children attend is located, whether it is within their hometown, in another state or even overseas, they are just a telephone call away.

When calling an international phone number the cost of the call can be very expensive. The best option for making long distance phone calls that are cost-effective for both college students and parents are to utilize a calling card from Provide Customers with the Following Benefits and Features:

Pinless – No More Dialing Pins

The pinless dialing service is free and allows customers to utilize a calling card without the need to input a pin number before each call they make. A total of six phone numbers can be registered for use with the pinless dialing service. The phone numbers that you can register to utilize this service includes your cell number, home number, office number along with any other number that you will be making calls from.

Speed Dial – Save up to Twenty Phone Numbers

Speed dial is an excellent service that’s available free of charge that lets users automatically dial the phone numbers you call frequently. You can store a maximum of twenty phone numbers to utilize with speed dial. As an example, you can save your Mom in France as #1, your sister in Singapore as #2 and your brother in Canada as #3, and so on. This speed dial option is not made available by all calling card providers.

Recharge Wherever You Are, Even Via Mobile!

The majority of the calling cards available from can be recharged instantly online from anywhere and at any time. You also have the option to recharge your calling card via your mobile phone.

Auto-Recharge – Avoid Dropping a Call!

When your calling card prepaid minutes are close to running out there’s no need to drop your call. Many of our calling cards come with the option to recharge them automatically. When your calling card minutes fall below the balance you set for it to be recharged, our system recharges your calling card automatically to help you avoid dropping a call.

Coverage When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad, the “World Cards” calling card available from offers excellent cost-effective rates when calling home. As an example, if you are traveling to France and want to keep in touch with your family in the United States of America, the cost is just one cent per minute.

Receive Call Details

There may be times when you need the details of the calls you make. Our “Super Charge” card can provide you with the destination, rate, total calling time and total cost. The “Super Charge” card also includes one-minute rounding, speed dial, pinless dialing, can be recharged and incurs no taxes or additional connection fees.

When utilizing a calling card from you can save much more than you could via Skype and utilize actual phone lines wherever you are located.