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Join the Celebration During Nowruz

Join the Celebration During Nowruz and Make a Call to Your Loved Ones for Less Than a Penny!

What is Nowruz?

Nowruz is a Persian or Iranian celebration to mark the finish of the old year and start of a new year. In Iran, Nowruz is a public holiday and the biggest festival of the year. Many other nations in Central and South Asia celebrate Nowruz including Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

Nowruz starts on the precise day of the spring equinox; this is the moment when day and night are of exactly the same duration. The date of the spring equinox is normally March 21st. This is the day that winter becomes spring and it is the start of a new beginning.

To prepare for the holiday of Nowruz people begin by cleaning their homes and every member of the family joins in to help. If anything in the home is broken, it is repaired or if this is not possible it is replaced. Any silverware is given a polish. All the curtains, windows and carpets are given a clean.

Once the home has been cleaned from top to bottom the house is filled and decorated with flowers. The idea of cleaning the home in this way is to remove anything bad from the old year and get ready for a brighter New Year. To symbolize a new start for the New Year people wear a set of brand new clothes.

There’s a tradition for the evening of the final Wednesday prior to Nowruz to light a bonfire and for people to jump over the flames. The aim of jumping over the flames is to burn away bad luck and sickness.

Call Your Loved Ones to Celebrate Nowruz

Nowadays it is very simple to call the people that are special to you to catch up or celebrate holidays regardless of whether it’s a national or international call. There’s a wide range of options for contacting loved ones and family members during holidays.

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