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Stay Connected During Your Spring Break Vacation

Stay Connected During Your Spring Break Vacation: Travel the World and Keep-In-Touch

What is Spring Break?

Spring break is a school and university vacation period that the start of spring and this vacation period date back to the 1930s. This break in the academic year gives students the opportunity to gather and take part in fun activities.

Students associate the spring break as a time for exciting fun and adventures with many events taking place that beach resorts not only in America but also in many other countries around the world. It is one of the main highlights of a student’s academic life and should be both memorable and lots of fun.

The spring break normally takes place somewhere between February 21st and April 1st. It is typically scheduled to coincide with the Easter and Passover breaks. The break is usually for one to two weeks which is plenty of time for students to enjoy themselves.

Destinations for Spring Break

Some of the popular destinations for spring break include Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, and South Beach in Miami. Another popular destination within the United States is South Padre Island, Texas. Overseas destinations that are popular with students include Cancun and Mazatlán in Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Punta Cana.

Activities for Spring Break

With many students enjoying their vacations on beaches there’s a wide range of related activities available to them, including jet skiing, fishing, parasailing, rafting, kayaking, surfing, waterskiing, skimboarding, and much more. In the evenings there are many clubs and nightlife establishments catering to students during their vacation.

Connect with Your Family Members During Spring Break

It is very easy nowadays to keep in touch with family members whilst they are on vacation, whether they are holidaying in the United States or going overseas. There are many different options for keeping in touch with family members during the spring break.

One excellent and cost-effective option is a telephone calling card monthly plan from Global Family. This plan allows you to make calls within the United States as well as international calls to more than fifty countries.

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PIN Numbers Are Not Required!

The plan from Global Family comes with pinless dialing. This has eliminated the need to input pin numbers that the start of each call. When you first set up your account via the website you will be asked to register a phone number to utilize when you make calls.

The number you register can be a cell, home, or work number that you will utilize to make the majority of your calls.

High-Quality Clear Telephone Calls

When using the unlimited calling plan to make calls to family members overseas you will enjoy crystal clear telephone lines on a network built on a secure infrastructure. You do not need an internet connection or wireless data to make a phone call via a calling card plan.