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How to Make a Call to India from the US

How to Make a Call to India from the US
Making a Call to India

Regardless of whether you need to call a relative in New Delhi or organize a trip to Mumbai, having a prepaid phone card in hand will always be helpful. provides an excellent, low cost and reliable phone calling service from anywhere around the world. You can make calls to India from the United States anytime from either a landline or cell phone.

The simple process to make calls to India from the US is as follows:

  1. To begin dial 011, this is the exit code for the US.
  2. Next dial 91; this is the country code for India.
  3. Next dial the city or area code (this should be 2 – 5 digits).
  4. Finally, dial the phone number (this should be 4 – 8 digits. The area code + the phone number will equal ten digits).
  5. The phone number you dial would be Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number (for example: 011 + 91 + 55 + 12345678)

Calling Card to India from the US costs less than 1 cent per minute.

The process of using a prepaid phone card from is very easy and convenient and combines the power of Pinless Dialing and Speed Dial. The majority of the prepaid calling cards available from include the excellent Pinless Dialing and Speed Dial features. These calling cards are rechargeable as well.

What is Pinless Dialing?

Pinless Dialing is a free feature which lets you utilize a calling card without the need to enter a pin number. To utilize the Pinless Dialing feature you have the option to register up to six phone numbers from which you can make your calls from and can include your cell, home, office and any other phone number you will be making calls from. The Pinless Dialing feature is not available with all calling cards.

To register a phone number to utilize with Pinless Dialing, login to your account and then enter your numbers in the Pinless Dialing area of your account information. The Pinless Dialing feature will automatically activate itself when you make a call from one of the phone numbers you have registered in your account.

What is Speed Dial?

The Speed Dial feature enables you to automatically dial your most frequently called phone numbers, which is very simple and convenient. You have the option to save a maximum of twenty numbers to utilize with Speed Dial. Not all calling cards include the Speed Dial feature.

To register a phone number to utilize with Speed Dial, login to your account at and input the number into the correct area of your account information.

To make a phone call to a number from your Speed Dial list, input the “Speed Dial Number”, followed by “#” when requested for your destination number. As an example, to make a call to your entry in number 4, simply press 4# and we will automatically connect your phone call!

Connect With Friends and Family in India for Ten Dollars a Month!

There’s a very affordable calling card plan offering unlimited calls available from Global Family via the website With this unlimited calling plan you can connect with your friends in India and more than fifty countries for a monthly fee of ten dollars. This is a cost-effective and new method for making calls both nationally and internationally.