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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Call to Your Loved Ones

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Call to Your Loved Ones

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Call to Your Loved Ones

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration held each year on May 5th. It is a holiday to celebrate a victory in 1862 by the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla over France. While in Mexico it is only a small holiday, in North America it has developed into a celebration of the heritage and culture of Mexico.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo is enjoyed in Mexico’s state of Puebla, which is where their victory happened. Other parts of Mexico do join in with the celebrations. Traditional events held for people to celebrate this holiday include Battle of Puebla reenactments, military parades along with other events. Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday in Mexico.

In North America, Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration of Mexico’s heritage and culture, especially in the areas with large Mexican populations. The awareness of this holiday was increased in the 1960s. Nowadays this holiday is celebrated with Mexican folk dancing, parades, mariachi music, parties and traditional Mexican foods. The larger celebrations are held in Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Some people confuse the celebration for Cinco de Mayo with the independence of Mexico. In fact Mexico declared independence over fifty years prior to the Battle of Puebla. Mexico celebrates independence on September 16th.

Call Your Loved Ones for Cinco de Mayo

There are many different options for calling your loved ones during the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. These options make it very easy to connect with loved ones during holidays whether they are in Mexico, North America or overseas.

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