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Going on Summer Vacation? Stay Connected with Friends and Family While You Are Away

Going on Summer Vacation? Stay Connected with Friends and Family While You Are Away

Stay Connected with Friends and Family While You Are Away

Have you ever wondered when is the start of summer?

Summer usually begins once the sun has reached its position northernmost from the equator. In the temperate regions, the sun is positioned higher in the sky during the day, and the rays from the sun strike the Earth in a more direct angle, which creates the warming that we call summer. The day of the year that has the highest number of sunlight hours is known as the summer solstice.

Now that you know summer is here, it’s time for that vacation you have been dreaming of for the longest time. We have great summer vacation destination ideas for you from around the world.

Traveling Tip: Where ever you go for your summer vacation, you can stay connected with your family and friends without having to incur ridiculous phone charges, roaming charges, or connection charges by simply just using a calling card.

Here are some Great International Destination Ideas for Your Next Summer Vacation

The Netherlands – The City of Amsterdam

While the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands may seem like an unusual choice, the summer is the perfect time to visit this city. There are no more gray skies and there are plenty of events and festivals to enjoy.

One popular event is the Open Garden Days, which gives visitors the opportunity to admire the private gardens belonging to the beautiful houses lining the famous canals. Amsterdam is best suited to visitors seeking an urban adventure, traversing the numerous waterways and bridges by bike and boat to search for the ideal brown café.

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Mexico is a must have for a list of ideal summer vacation ideas. While Cancun may be one of the most popular places to visit it is also a good idea to also consider the excellent nearby destination of Playa del Carmen. The waters are crystal clear which help to make this location one of the top destinations for diving in the world.
The area does have an upscale vibe due to the large choice of luxury hotels and beautiful pristine beaches. There’s much more on offer in addition to the beautiful beaches. There’s a great choice of shops on Playa’s Fifth Avenue, nearby Mayan ruins to explore, and the Xcaret eco-friendly theme park to spend a day.

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South Africa

South Africa is a great choice for anyone seeking an adventure and wants to avoid the hot summer months vacating in hot destinations such as the Caribbean. The winter season in South Africa is from June to August, this is a dry season in most locations except for the Western Cape.

The winter season is the ideal time to witness wild animals on safari and visit the game reservations. There’s much more on offer besides the animal adventures, there’s plenty of hiking, great shopping opportunities in the major cities, as well as beaches to enjoy.

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Other great destinations from around the world

Asia: China (Xi’an), India (Kerala),Singapore (Keong Saik Road), Thailand (Bangkok)
Europe: France (Paris), Germany (Munich), Spain, UK (London)
Middle East: Egypt (Giza), Israel (The Sea of Galilee), Iran (Mashhad), Turkey (Hagia Sophia)
Africa: Kenya (Maasai Mara Reserve), Madagascar (Avenue of the Baobabs), South Africa (Kruger National Park), Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls)
Austria: Brisbane, Melbourne, New Zealand, Sydney
North America: Hawaii (Waikiki Beach), California (Yosemite), New York City, Utah (Grand Canyon)
South America: Brazil (Amazon Rain forest), Chile (Easter Island) Venezuela (Los Roques)