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Celebrate this Labor Day with a Simple Call

Celebrate this Labor Day with a Call to Your Loved Ones
Celebrate this Labor Day with a Call to Your Loved Ones

The United States Labor Day

Labor Day is held in September each year on the first Monday. It was first created to celebrate the strengths of the various unions along with their contribution to the economy of the United States.

Labor Day Traditions

Traditionally Labor Day is intended as a day to rest or the final opportunity for many workers to take a short break before the end of summer. For college students, it is the final opportunity to arrange parties before returning to school.

People from some neighborhoods, arrange barbecues, firework displays, and various sports or arts events. The American football season begins around or on Labor Day when a number of teams play

Federal Holiday: Labor Day

Labor Day is classed as a federal holiday in the United States and all of the government offices, and organizations, along with the majority of companies and businesses are closed for the day. There are a few public celebrations organized, which are normally kept low key such as barbecues, picnics and firework displays.

Labor Day is the final opportunity for many people to enjoy a summer break for the year. Over the Labor Day weekend, there is the possibility of additional congestion on the highways and in the airports. During this period the public transport systems will operate a reduced timetable.

History of Labor Day

In 1882, the very first Labor Day was held. It originates from the Central Labor Unions desire to arrange a holiday for their workers. In the year 1894, it was made a federal holiday. The original intention was to hold street parades on this day for members of the public to show their appreciation of the labor and trade organizations. Once the street parades were over festivals were held to entertain the local workers along with their families.

Prominent women and men gave speeches in later years. This does not happen as frequently now, but speeches are sometimes held during election years. One of the main reasons for celebrating Labor Day on the first Monday in the month of September, rather than, like the majority of the countries around the world, on the first day of May, was to have a holiday to break up the long period between the Independence Day and Thanksgiving holidays.

Celebrate this Labor Day with a Call to Your Loved Ones

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