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Halloween Celebrations and Traditions from Around the Globe

Happy Halloween from
Happy Halloween from

Halloween Celebrations and Traditions from Around the Globe!

Halloween dates back to pagan times and is one of the oldest holidays in the world. Today it is celebrated in more countries by more people than that any time. There’s a simple reason for the popularity of Halloween; it is good, harmless fun for both old and young alike!

Ireland: Where Halloween Started!

Ireland is the country where Halloween is considered to have begun and the day is celebrated very similar to how it is in the United States of America. Bonfires are lit in rural areas just as they were many centuries ago and children across the country dress up in costumes before going “trick-or-treating” around their local neighborhood.

Once the children have finished “trick-or-treating”, the majority of people enjoy partying with their friends and neighbors. Some of the games played at these parties include “snap-apple” which involves an apple on a string that’s tied to a tree or door frame and the players try to bite the apple.

As well as bobbing for apples, parents also arrange treasure hunts, with pastries or candy as the “treasure.” The Irish play a card game which involves placing the cards on a table face down with coins or candy beneath them. The children then select a card and receive whichever prize they find beneath the card.

How Other Countries Celebrate Halloween!

Halloween in Austria

Some people in Austria celebrate Halloween by leaving bread, and water along with a lamp that’s lit on a table before going to bed. This is due to the fact that it was believed at one time that these would welcome back the dead souls to earth on a night that’s considered magical.

Festival of Teng Chieh in China

The festival of Halloween is known as Teng Chieh in China. Water and food are placed in the front of photos of members of the family that have departed. Bonfires, as well as lanterns, are lit on the night of Halloween to signal the paths of the spirits as they travel the earth.

Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night in England

In the past Halloween became Guy Fawkes Night in England and was celebrated in early November but in recent years Halloween has been celebrated on October 31st, and Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th. The English have adopted the American customs in recent years of “trick-or-treating” along with dressing up in costumes when out “trick-or-treating” in their neighborhood.

El Dia de Los Muertos” in Latin America, Mexico, and Spain

Within the New World Spanish speaking nations, especially Latin America and Mexico, the Halloween celebration is known as “El Dia de Los Muertos.” This celebration lasts for three days and starts on October 31st, and ends on November 2nd.

This ancient festival has transformed over the years. In prehistoric Mexico, it was intended to celebrate children and the dead. It is a joyous holiday to remember family and friends that have died. Gradually the American customs for Halloween are replacing traditional Latin America and Mexican customs.

Keeping in Touch with Your Family and Friends this Halloween

Celebrating Halloween with your family and friends would be ideal but for one reason or another is not always possible. If this is the case for you, then the best alternative is a phone call. With a phone call, you can wish them safe and happy trick or treating this Halloween.

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