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Fun Easter Facts and Celebrations from Around the World

Happy Easter from
Happy Easter from

Easter in 2021 takes place on Sunday, April 4. For kids, Easter is usually a fun time to enjoy activities such as painting and decorating hard-boiled eggs. Other traditional Easter activities for kids include Easter egg hunts, waiting for an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny and eating bunny candies and chocolate eggs.

The following are some fun and interesting Easter facts:

  • The Easter celebration is for the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion.
  • The Easter celebration occurs on a Sunday, forty days after the period of time called Lent. Lent is a time of fasting, although participants generally focus on giving up a single main indulgence.
  • In the week prior to Easter, Holy Week is celebrated. Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday, followed by Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and finishes with Easter Sunday.
  • Eastern and Western Christians celebrate Easter at different times. This is due to the dates of Easter in Eastern Christianity being based on the Julian Calendar.
  • Easter is a feast that is movable as the date of Passover is variable because it is dependent on the different phases of the moon.

The following is a glimpse of Easter celebrations from around the world:

Easter Celebrations in Australia

Australia is a country with people that have migrated there from many other countries. Different people have brought their traditions with them, and because of this, there is a variety of different ways that Easter is celebrated.

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Easter Celebrations in England

In England, Easter is celebrated by exchanging Easter Eggs or other gifts such as chocolates, clothes or vacation packages. Easter baskets and bonnets are created and include fillings such as daffodils in them.

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Easter Celebrations in Germany

Easter in Germany is called Ostern. The Easter holidays for children last for approximately three weeks and no one works on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

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Easter Celebrations in Hungary

In Hungary, the Easter springtime festival is celebrated with folk traditions. As part of the traditions, Easter eggs are treated as more of a decorative item. A popular tradition on Easter Mondays in Hungary is “Sprinkling”. This tradition involves boys playfully sprinkling cologne, perfume or water on a girl’s head and asking for a kiss.

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Easter Celebrations in Mexico

In Mexico, there are two different observances that form part of the Easter celebrations, which are Pascua and Semana Santa. Semana Santa represents the whole of the Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday, and Pascua observes the period from Resurrection Sunday up to the following Saturday.

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