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Earth Day: Connect With Your Friends Around the World

Earth Day: Connect With Your Friends Around the World and Help Spread the Awareness

Connect With Your Friends Around the World and Help Spread the Awareness

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a worldwide yearly event held on April 22nd each year. A number of different events are held to encourage and demonstrate support for the protection of the environment. People are encouraged to be more environmentally friendly by giving their time to help a local green project, installing solar panels in their home and recycling more household waste.

The first ever Earth Day was held in 1970 in the United States of America. The first event was held in response to the damaging effects of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California and is credited as the start of today’s environmental movement.

The Earth Day Network is a non-profit organization and coordinates the events held worldwide each year. Every year at least one hundred and ninety-two countries hold parades, festivals, and rallies to increase awareness and show support for the protection of the environment.

Earth Day has its own flag and anthem. Over one billion people are expected to participate in the events held to celebrate Earth Day. The first time events were held worldwide to celebrate Earth Day was in 1990 when one hundred and forty-one countries took part.

Connect With Your Friends around the World

Connect with your friends around the world to encourage them to participate in the events to celebrate Earth Day and increase the awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. A telephone call is a great way to show your friends that you care about them and an opportunity to discuss the events being held for Earth Day.

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