How do I find the best card I am looking for?

Finding the best card you are looking for is the beauty of! Whether you are looking for a calling card that has the most minutes, the cheapest rates or no connection fees we have made it easy for you to find the card you are looking for.

First select which country you want to call to. You can select which country you want to call to in the Rates or at the beginning of You will see a "Call From" "Call To".

Upon selecting which country you would like to call you, you will see the results of cards we have found for that particular country. This rates page is the heart of finding what you need. Below is a sample of how the rate page looks like.

Compare Minutes

Use this rate table to find the best card for you! You can sort the table according to prices, minutes, card names or connection fees. For example, if you are searching for a $20 card with the most minutes simply click on "Minutes $20 card" link located at the top of the 3rd column.

Each card displays the amount of minutes a $10 or $20 card holds, their connection fee (if any!) and more. This information allows you, as a smart consumer, to compare the cards and find the best card that fit your needs.